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  Why Should I Care About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?  
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Long story short, search engine optimization for a Web site is the single most important part of having an online presence.
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Designing a Web site from the beginning that will organically provide top rankings in the search engines can literally make or break your company. Forget the fluff, the spinning logos...SEO is without a doubt the most powerful tool one can consider when starting an online campaign.
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In a nutshell, SEO research basically provides a "roadmap" for what users are actually searching for withinin your industry. An in-depth process, SEO provides you with real numbers – actual information about what phrases people are searching for, how many times they search for them every month, and even a comparison for competitors' sites that are being optimized for the same terms.

By finding the phrases people most often are searching for in your industry, and also recognizing several that your competitors are not utilizing – you can build a Web site from the ground up, using the information you KNOW customers are searching for. This provides a competitive advantage and increases your overall chances for success online.
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What effect can my Web site have on my business?
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If your are consistently ranked behind your competition when being searched for online – odds are, you will lose the business
Most internet users will only move to page 2 on a query before retyping a new search term. If your listing does not appear within these pages, are you really going to reach your target market effectively?
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With the growing usage of mobile devices such as iPads®, Blackberries™ and more – the importance of internet searching also increases. Making sure your site comes up where people are looking becomes essential
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If you don't really know the "exact phrases" customers are using, how can confidently manage your online presence?
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You have to decide – is your Web site working for you or against you in bringing in new business?
Let Ferguson Design Group do the work for you! We provide you with both the research and creativity to ensure your Web site gets the results you are after. Our Web designers will build a site for you that not only will offer professional appeal – but also get you "FOUND" by the customers you are targeting in the process!
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